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Downsizing or Moving to a Smaller Home

By: Elaine Everest - Updated: 20 May 2015 | comments*Discuss
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In order to downsize your life you may find that you have to move to a smaller home. This move should not be undertaken until you have thought the decision through carefully. The value of your home is important to your future.


Are your family happy with the possibility of moving home? Will it affect the children’s education? Older children will soon be moving on so although their input is important you must not use it as a reason not to move on with your life. If your partner has a job that will partially fund your plans to downsize it is important to take this into account when planning to move.


When considering downsizing you may find that your current home is far too large and expensive to run. By selling it and moving to another smaller home you will have funds to spend or invest as you choose. This money could be used to retrain in another occupation, retire early or travel.

Paying Guest

If the reason you are moving is that your home is too large and too expensive to run consider either taking in a lodger or running a small bed and breakfast business. Many people living away from home would much prefer to stay within a family environment than live in a hotel. There are tax and rate concessions for those wishing to run these services from their homes. Information can be found from your local council office.


Is your home in an area that is earmarked for regeneration? Regardless of your future plans it could be prudent to stay where you are as your home will rise in value once the regeneration has been completed. There again, if there are plans for factories, motorways or airports it may be better to move now in case your home devalues.


Your home may be near a mainline station or bus route that would be appealing to people who have to commute to work. This will be an added bonus when selling the property. There again, if you also need to commute from your new home you may find that the journey into your place of work is more costly and takes more time which will add to your working day.


Think seriously before selling your home in order to downsize. If the value between the two homes is not a lot of money it could prove expensive to move homes and not reap a very good profit. One way to increase your profit is to advertise the house privately and do your own conveyancing thus saving money on commission and fees to and estate agent and solicitor. It is becoming increasingly common for people buy and sell properties this way.


It may be that you are undertaking a new career and will be living in a different area of the country in which case you will have to move home. If this is not a permanent move you may find that by leasing out your home while you are away and renting a small flat near your job your home will bring in an added income.

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Im in a 4 bedroom council house would like to downsize to a 2 bedroom how do i go about it please
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